Chip Grossman | Compassion In The Face Of Hatred (Episode #3)

(Podcast) When facing a difficult situation, full of anger and hatred, compassion and love are what we truly need most. 

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out Hate; only love can do that". -MLK


Show Notes:

  • When we are forced to deal with the anger and hatred, there are three ways to respond: we either create compassion and healing, we do nothing, or we reinforce anger and hatred. Responding to evil with compassion is the path to creating conditions for peace.
  • There are two exercises shared in this episode. If you'd like to fast forward to the exercises, hop to the 6 minute mark
    • Exercise 1: Self Compassion: Breathing in, say to yourself "I do my best". Breathing out, say to yourself "I let go of the rest".
    • Exercise 2: Compassion for others: Breathing in, acknowledge the person or people you'd like to send compassion towards. Breathing out, "May you be well, May you be free from suffering".
    • I know it seems crazy to wish wellness to the people who anger you, but it is a transformative process. When you truly wish for all beings to be free from suffering, you create a beautiful light in the world that radiates peace.