Grateful Dude Podcast Episode 2: Wheel of Awareness Guided Meditation

In this week's episode I share my favorite meditation practice, The Wheel of Awareness!


How to do it:
There are eight points of the wheel, and you systematically move through each point. A great meditation to wake up your whole system.

  • Points 1-5: Take a few breaths to focus on each of the five senses. Move through one at a time, and take a few breaths on each sense.
  • Point 6: Scan the internal state of your body, flowing down from top to bottom
  • Point 7: Check into your emotional state. See if you can describe the emotions you are experiencing with words.
  • Point 8: Compassion wish: acknowledge all the people in your circle of influence (everyone in the whole world) and silently wish them compassion: "May all beings, in every direction, without exception, be free from suffering. May they experience joy. May they experience love."

To see the original meditation, go here: Dan Siegel Wheel of Awareness Meditation.

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