Up until the age of 18, I thought that I was forever doomed to live a stressed out, emotionally turbulent life where I had little control over the way I felt.

Fortunately, I realized that wasn’t true. I realized that I could achieve the life I wanted by finding my center and mastering my mind using techniques based in neuroscience and psychology.

Now, having gone through the journey to get to the other side I know that this transformation is possible for anyone and that there is a path you can follow to get there. As a coach, I partner with my clients to travel this path with them to their next level in life.

We all face hardships in life. I’ve realized that this is how it’s supposed to be. Life is meant to be challenging, and it is our duty to overcome these challenges so we can make the world a better place.

Every day we put off overcoming our challenges until tomorrow, we miss an opportunity to grow. And in that missed opportunity, our own happiness stays just as far out of reach.

But it’s not just ourselves we should be concerned about. We each need to pursue our own development for the sake of the people around us. Stress, Depression and suicide rates continue to increase every year. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the world.

The world is facing a connection crisis, and people in the world need help. It’s up to us to do our part to become our best selves so we can find true happiness and in doing so help other people who are suffering.

We all have a unique role to play in helping to alleviate the suffering in the world, and it is imperative that we each get to it right away.

The best part about this is that the solution is simply to discover our own personal happiness which lies within us.

If we don’t take this journey, and we stay in our comfort zone by putting it off until tomorrow, we make a selfish decision. We make a decision to keep ourselves safe at a cost to ourselves and the people we could have helped had we been brave enough to take the first step.

Each of us have a responsibility to develop ourselves so that we can help other people. Whether it’s through your relationships, your profession, or just simply your presence, you are having an impact on people every day.

Finding your personal happiness in day to day life is the most generous thing you can do for other people. Mastering yourself and being your best self, whether at work or at home, doesn’t just make you happier. It makes you better at the work you do and more enjoyable to be around. When you come from a complete place, and a place of pure intention, your life becomes passionate. When you lock into that passion, you open up a completely new level of what you are capable to achieve.

As a coach, I partner with you to help you find your center using techniques grounded in neuroscience and psychology. I do this by working with you to create a personal development plan which we then implement through deep conversations, weekly check ins, and various practices over the course of the program. Through this process, you find your center and become capable of new levels of happiness and success.

At this next level, your dreams become a reality and your happiness shines from within you. When this happens, you become a beacon of inspiration that lifts up the world around you.


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“Working with Chip provided me with immense value and I’d recommend it to anyone seeking to improve their leadership skills or overall well being”.


Chip Grossman founded the Grossman Growth Academy to inspire global change through coaching and free content.

A portion of all revenue is donated to charity and the big picture is to mobilize $100,000 annually in charitable donations by the time he’s 30.

He plans to direct these funds towards the creation and enhancement of wellness programs in schools across the country.

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