Finding your personal happiness in day to day life is the most generous thing you can do for other people. Mastering yourself and being your best self, whether at work or at home, doesn’t just make you happier. It makes you better at the work you do and more enjoyable to be around. When you come from a complete place, and a place of pure intention, your life becomes passionate. When you lock into that passion, you open up a completely new level of what you are capable to achieve.

As a coach, I partner with you to help you find your center using techniques grounded in neuroscience and psychology. I do this by working with you to create a personal development plan which we then implement through deep conversations, weekly check ins, and various practices over the course of the program. Through this process, you find your center and become capable of new levels of happiness and success.

At this next level, your dreams become a reality and your happiness shines from within you. When this happens, you become a beacon of inspiration that lifts up the world around you.


Are you ready to step your game up and become the best version of yourself?

If you’re truly eager to make a change, I’m here to help you out.

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Zach Calhoun Says…

“Chip helped me make some really tough decisions about my career. I recommend opening up your mind to all possibilities. Chip will help you rationally - and emotionally - explore them“.

Chris Mater Says…

“Working with Chip provided me with immense value and I’d recommend it to anyone seeking to improve their leadership skills or overall well being”.

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