I help high-achievers who, despite achieving great successes in life, aren’t finding the deeper sense of meaning and fulfillment they crave.

These people have a deep desire to live a life fueled by purpose. They want to positively impact the world but are having trouble figuring out what that looks like.

I help these people to define a vision for, and then reach, their greatest vision of success. Not success as defined as society. Success defined by themselves.

As a lifelong student of success, I have extensively researched two questions: What is success, and how do I get there?

What success looks like is different for every person. This is because we are all wired differently. Each of us has gifts, and the most successful people have a deep awareness of what their gifts are and how they want to use them to benefit the world.

It sounds simple in theory, but uncovering one’s gifts and putting them into action, on target towards a greater vision of success, is no easy task. We all need help to do this.

That’s where coaching comes in.

I engage my clients in a partnership in which we work together to define a vision of success, uncover unique strengths, and create a road map to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

A high performer myself, I know what it feels like to be ambitious and achieving goals, yet not satisfied.

I know there is always a better way to be living. So I find it, I study it, I refine it. I perfect my craft and continuously enhance my art. I invest a huge amount of my time, money and energy as part of my relentless professional and personal development.

But the deepest truth is that I lived most of my life with the painful feeling that there was something greater that I was meant to be doing. By all of society’s external metrics, I was achieving at the highest level. But I wasn’t satisfied.

I was achieving society’s vision of success, but not my own.

For many years, I felt hopeless that I would ever live a life that truly fulfilled me. I felt hopeless that I could achieve external and internal success.

I struggled with that feeling for 25 years as I pursued a relentless quest to understand myself and discover what my vision was.

And after 25 years of searching, I found answers.

As it turns out, that old and overwhelming feeling of hopelessness eventually became my gift in working with high performing men and women. You see, I am exceptionally gifted at seeing where other people are powerful - even it they can’t see it for themselves.

My clients do things that few people on the planet can do. They are powerful, passionate and successful, yet whatever is coming next still feels like a really big leap.

I help extraordinary people who already achieve ‘impossible’ goals to achieve what still looks ‘impossible’ to them.

If this sounds like you, I want to offer you the gift of a conversation with me to explore if working together is a good fit.

If you’re ready and excited to take the next step towards defining and achieving your vision of success, I invite you to fill out the form below.

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Zach Calhoun Says…

“Chip helped me make some really tough decisions about my career. I recommend opening up your mind to all possibilities. Chip will help you rationally - and emotionally - explore them“.

Chris Mater Says…

“Working with Chip provided me with immense value and I’d recommend it to anyone seeking to improve their leadership skills or overall well being”.


Chip Grossman runs a Career and Leadership coaching for leaders, based in San Francisco. The methodology is deep coaching. Not time-based.

Successful people - people you would assume don’t need a coach - are the ones who work with Chip.

Chip’s big picture is to mobilize $100,000 annually in charitable donations by the time he’s 30.

He plans to direct these funds towards the creation and enhancement of wellness programs in schools across the country.