#28 - How to Access Your Blessings

Why do you focus on the past and future so much, when there are so many blessings available in the present moment?

You do it because it’s a habit you’ve built up throughout your life. Don’t worry, we all have this habit to some degree.

The unfortunate part about this is that this habit that it is causing you to miss a lot of goodness that’s available to you right here and now.

Although you are always living in the present, the past and future are also important aspects of your life. You need all three to function in the world you live in.

There’s a balance to how much time you should spend in the future, past, and present. All 3 are important but you should try to manage them appropriately. By managing them well, you will gain newfound access to the blessings of the present moment, which is where the richest treasures of all are hidden.

The most effective tool you can use to tap into these blessings is awareness. Awareness is the key to realizing the gifts that are happening to you in each moment.

It requires awareness of both body and mind. There is a harmonious balance that needs to exist between the two if you’re to notice and feel your blessings.

Most people miss all the blessings of the present, because they are lost in their minds. Most people are completely out of touch with both their bodies and the present moment.

With all this mind, focus, most people lack a harmonious balance between the the body and mind. You need to use your mind to make plans and set a timeline and goals, but the timeline you set for yourself doesn’t always work with what your body is asking for.

Most of the time, you override your body’s signals because you aren’t wanting to experience what the body is feeling in the present. You want to resist the fatigue, the pain, the sadness, the loneliness, whatever it is you want to avoid.

Rather than getting mad at yourself for not being able to go at the pace you envisioned for yourself, for not having achieved your relationship goals, for not having achieved your business targets, etc., stop and take a moment to turn into the blessings of the present moment.

After years of going through this cycle of resisting my body’s signals, and then finally experiencing what it feels like to start paying attention to them, I can tell you that listening to and respecting the body’s signals creates a way more enjoyable life.

When you start doing it, you start to tune back into the rhythm your body is trying to put you into with the universe. We resist it because it goes against our plans sometimes, but the funny thing is that the plan you body has for you is actually one of great peace and happiness.

Your body is literally trying to work for you to create an amazing present moment. When you can relax, and give the body what it needs, all the blessings of the present start becoming readily available to you.

At the end of your life, your whole experience will have been a series of moments of right now. It’s the only opportunity you ever have to live. As enticing as the future is to think about, you never get there.

The present is all you’ll ever have. Don’t let it slip by you!