Three Words That Changed My Life

It’s safe to say that our culture is obsessed with the way things look. Between Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and LinkedIn there’s a lot of pressure to have, or at least to make it look like we have, all of our lives all figured out.

Having it figured out requires a lot of knowledge across a lot of different fields. Take a few life elements that we probably all can agree are important: Relationships, Exercise, Nutrition, Mental Well-being and career. Just between those 5 things, that’s a lot of knowledge you need to have in order to thrive across all of these fields. It’s not easy to thrive in all these things. That’s where the three words come into play:

“I Need Help”

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Mindfulness 101

You probably know a few people who seem to spend all of their time talking, thinking, and or worrying about the past or future. I myself used to be out of tune with the present moment. 

Then, as a freshman in College, I discovered the practice of mindfulness and everything changed. 

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Introductory Blog Post

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about well-being and how to thrive in life. If you know me well, you know that I’m a contemplative person. Well-being is that one thing that I truly love to think and talk about. I've spent 7 years studying well-being, and it's about time I shared my learnings with the world.

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