#51 - Opportunity Comes Disguised as Work

Thomas Edison once said “opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like hard work”.

Hard work and opportunities go hand in hand. When you work harder, you set yourself up for more opportunities.

Sometimes, as Edison notes, the hard work is the opportunity itself. You are presented with opportunities that come in the form of work.

Most people see what looks like work and get a visceral negative reaction to it. This reaction, then, leads them to avoid the opportunity or to do the work with minimal effort.

A few people, on the other hand, condition their brains to see working hard as something that excites them.

If you want to get excited about hard work, you have to train your brain to be that way.

This brain training is a key to success that is seldom talked about.

It’s a mind state shift from viewing work as painful to viewing it as pleasurable.

Don’t view hard work as a bad thing you should run from. Get excited about it!

Getting excited about an opportunity you can’t yet see takes massive faith.

And it will make all the difference.

With Love,