#50 - Managing Strained Relationships

Relationships (friendly or romantic), while the source of immense joy most of the time, are at other times difficult to manage.

This is because managing relationships well can be a complex feat. Humans are complex, and each individual is different.

Due to our differences, it’s easy for us to do things or act in certain ways that occasionally rub someone the wrong way.

Once you’ve rubbed someone the wrong way, if you’re not careful that relationship strain can spiral downwards.

So how do you prevent the spiral?

It’s simple. You choose love over fear.

Once a relationship is strained, it’s easy to let fear dictate your actions.

Even fear that seems to be well-intentioned (like fear that you’ll lose that friendship) drives you to behave as if your fears are a reality.

Instead of acting out of fear, the quickest way to heal a strained relationship is to act as if your desired reality is already happening.

AKA you act as if there’s no strain in the relationship. This alone might heal things up, but even if it doesn’t, it creates inside of you an energy of love.

And that energy of love is healing no matter what. Fear, on the other hand, will tear things down.

Keep choosing love.

With love,