#49 - Make Today your Best Yet

If you could make today your best day yet, would you do it? For many years, I thought this kind of thing was out of my control.
I thought good days simply happened to me on rare occasions.
This is not true! Good days don’t just happen to us. We create them!
If you want to gain more control over how enjoyable your day is, and ultimately gain the power to make any day your best day yet, I recommend trying out these three steps:
1. Know the feelings you want to feel, then visualize yourself feeling them. The stronger the feelings you can cultivate, the better. By doing this, you experience those good feelings using the power of your mind, and those feelings will carry over into other parts of your day.
2. Cultivate positive thoughts as frequently as possible. Whatever you’re feeling right now is a direct consequence of your thinking. If you have wonderful thoughts, you’ll feel wonderful. Thoughts create emotions. Become intentional about the thoughts you have. I like to call it “throwing gas onto the positivity fire”. As this fire grows, so does your enjoyment of life.
3. Don’t worry about figuring out how you’ll make it the best day ever, just have faith it will happen. Then, be pleasantly surprised as the “how” figures itself out for you. When you have an idea of how you want to feel on your best day ever, and you visualize it and create those feelings in your body, you’ve already started the process. Then, when you combine that with increased positive thinking, you’re really on your way. If you do these two things, you don’t need to worry about “how” you’ll make today wonderful. Opportunities to make today the best day will be presented to you, and it’s your job to spot them and accept them with grace.
Here’s to making today what my friend Brett Hughes likes to call “Another Best Day”!