#48 - How to Home Your Winner’s Mindset

How to Hone Your Winner’s Mindset

The biggest difference between people who consistently win and people who don’t comes down to one thing:


Highly successful people, regardless of the field they work in, have a winners mindset.

What is a winner’s mindset?

A winners mindset is the collection of beliefs and thoughts that drive an individual to BELIEVE they will achieve their goal.

The biggest difference between people who consistently achieve their goals, versus people who don’t, is a deep belief that they will actually achieve their goals.

Most people, on the other hand, don’t have a winner’s mindset. What this means is that while they set goals, deep down they don’t actually believe they will achieve their goal.

Back when I was playing Division 3 college lacrosse, I didn’t have a strong winner’s mind state. At the time I had no idea what a winner’s mind state was. 

I was a starting midfielder, and had great skills, but oftentimes in big moments, when the game was on the line, I would play below my potential and make errors.

This is because at my deepest core, without realizing it, I didn’t believe that I was a player who could make the big plays in the big games.

When I did make those big plays, it felt like luck.

Deep down, I was blocking myself from achieving my potential with this mind state.

And if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re blocking yourself right now too. Almost all of us are, myself included even after working on mind state for 7 years.

Nowadays, my belief system looks far different than it did 7 years ago. I am creating my own beliefs, as opposed to living with all subconscious beliefs.

And you too can do this if you want! Here’s how to do it in 3 steps:

  1. Uncover your subconscious beliefs: begin to watch your mind to see what beliefs might be driving your life. Do you believe that you won’t ever fall in love? That you aren’t worthy of an executive role? That you could never start a successful business on your own? The key is to start identifying your beliefs. Once you identify them, you can shift them.
  2. Decide the beliefs you want to have: this is the fun part. You get to create your own beliefs! You get to decide the person you see yourself as. You visualize yourself as this person (various meditation techniques can make this exercise exponentially more powerful and that’s what I do with my coaching clients). You must think about your beliefs as often as you can, literally every day, if you want to build a new belief system.
  3. Take consistent action that align with your new belief system: it’s not enough to just think about the beliefs you have about yourself or the person you want to become. You have to actually take action that aligns with your new beliefs. If you’re working on developing a belief that you can succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to actually start taking steps, even if they’re baby steps, to start acting in line with that value.

Your beliefs about yourself will make or break you. So work on the winner’s mindset!