#46 - The Mind Watcher

People love to watch things.

Social media videos, Netflix, Movies, the list goes on.

Despite all this watching people are doing, few people are watching the most important thing of all: their mind!

The mind creates reality, and your thoughts determine how successful you will become.

Your thoughts determine the impact you will have on this world and the people around you.

If you want to build a brain that leads you to massive success, it’s helpful to start by understanding how your brain works.

Chip Tip: Start this process by becoming the observer of your thoughts

Somebody who understands this idea is Dr. Dre, one of Hip-Hop’s most respected producers of all time.

In his song, “The Watcher” he talks about how he watches people in the hip-hop industry rise and fall while he just “sits back and enjoys the show”.

This is the approach you can take with your minds if you want to build highly successful brains.

First, become the watcher.

Once you do that, you’ll grow to understand what your thoughts are like most days and what your beliefs about yourself are. From there, you can begin to change the direction of your thoughts and literally create a new version of what you believe yourself to be capable of accomplishing.

Changing your beliefs is a key component to becoming successful. You can say to yourself all the things you want, but if you don’t believe deeeeep down you can truly achieve your dreams, you will block yourself from reaching them.

So the first step, then, is to change your core beliefs to believe that you CAN do it!

It sounds easy, but trust me, it takes a lot of work to uncover your subconscious beliefs and systematically re-wire them.

For me, though, it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done for myself.

Through this process, you can become the person you truly want to be. The person who has the dream career, love live, family, WHATEVER!

It all starts with the mind. Time to get to work!