#45 - Different Friends 4 Different Occasions

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the perfect friend, who was perfectly aligned with you on every level?

You and this person would connect on every one of your values (spiritually, interests, professionally, etc).
Most times, however, this is not the case.
And when it’s not, it’s easy to notice the aspects about someone that you aren’t aligned on.
In short, it’s easy to focus on the differences you have with people.
Rather than focus on the differences, what if you focused on the commonalities?
Then you could bond with people over the things you share, and you wouldn’t feel that disconnection that comes from noticing the things you don’t share.
In this, it’s good to know what you share with each of your friends.

You can have your spiritual friends with whom you share spiritual conversations, your fun friends who you party with, your intellectual friends who push you to get smarter, etc.
That way, you can celebrate each person for the person they are, without wanting to change them to be the perfect fit with you on every level.
We’re all wired differently, and that makes it very hard to find someone who’s just like you. Most of your relationships will be with people who are very different from you!
Don’t worry about the differences. Focus on the similarities.
And if you can’t think of any similarities, remember that we’re all human (with the potential exception of Elon Musk who may well be an alien). We’re all breathing and we all want to be happy.
Let’s celebrate that.