#52 - Control Your Focus, Create Your Success

Success in life depends on your ability to do one thing.Focus!
Whether or not you realize it, you are creating your future in every moment on a neurological level by what you focus on!
Whatever images you are holding in your mind, whatever thoughts you are thinking, your brain subconsciously notes and then tries to create that reality for you!
Thus, if you’re focused on the miserable situation you feel stuck in, your brain is going to subconsciously manifest more of that misery.
If you’re thinking about how you don’t want to lose your job, your brain will be subconsciously trying to create a reality where you lose your job.
Most people never master this universal law, and they spend their lives focused on things they don’t want.
They spend their life’s unconsciously creating outcomes they don’t truly desire!
The most successful people, on the other hand, control their focus and hone in on the things they want!
Understanding this law can completely change your life. It did for me.
For the first 24 years of my life I spent the majority of my time unconsciously focused on the things I  didn’t want.
Ever since I made that chance to focus on the things I do want, everything has changed and I’m creating a life much more in line with what I actually want! 
So my advice is this: be on guard of your mind! Be on guard of your focus!
It’s your most precious asset, because it is your future.
With love,