#43 - Think Less, Do More

Because you are a human, you spend a lot of time thinking.

You’re actually thinking almost most moments of your life.

Life is meant to be a thoughtful experience, and while thinking is good, too much of it is not.

When you get caught up in your head, you miss out on opportunities to take action.

And it is through our actions that you create the dream life that you want.

With that said, in order to take the actions that you want to take, you do have to use your brain. You need to know where you want to get in order to take actions that help you get there.

The key to doing this effectively is not to think 24/7 about your actions, but to take time to periodically assess where you want to end up, and how you might get there.

The start of the new year is a great time to do this. Take some time, before things heat back up, to get crystal clear about where you want to go this year.

Give some thought to where you want to go on a personal, professional, and relationship level.

By doing this, you won’t have to think about these things each day.

You’ll know where you want to go and you won’t need to think so much about what actions to take.

Then you’ll just have to focus on taking brave actions.

2019 is going to be your year. I can feel it!