#20 - How to Create Your Future

In every moment, you are creating your future.

Your brain is hard-wired to predict the future, and subconsciously it makes predictions based on your past experiences.

These predictions are critical to your life, because the things your brain predicts are typically the outcomes you create in real life.

Most people aren’t making their predictions consciously.

Most of the extremely successful people, however, are making their predictions consciously.

This is where the power of visualization comes in. You hear athletes like Michael Phelps talk about the importance of visualization in their success.

It’s the same idea with Martin Luther King, who had a dream that wasn’t based on past experiences, but a future he envisioned.

My journey with learning this has been from being completely unconscious in my brain’s predictions to now visualizing the outcomes that I want every single day.

I’ll give you an example.

Yesterday I was at a SantaCon party in San Francisco. It was a new crowd of people for me, so everyone was new. At one point I had a great conversation with a smart and beautiful girl and, being single right now, I was curious to get to know her more. After our short conversation, I was hoping to talk to her more later at the party.

I walked into the kitchen later and she was with a group of her girl friends. I was curious to see what her friends were like so I could get a better sense of what type of person she was, but I felt nervous to hop into the conversation.

I felt nervous because I was scared they didn’t want me to join the conversation. In the back of my mind, without me even realizing it, my mind had already been predicting future outcomes. And the outcome that was the most important for my brain was the prediction that these girls didn’t want me to join the conversation.

This prediction was based on my past experiences. My brain was, without my knowing it, going through its backlog of all the times I’d felt nervous and walked up to new people. It was remembering, particularly, those painful experiences where it hadn’t gone well. And, since the brain is wired to protect us from harm, my brain started sending me signals “DON’T DO IT!!! THIS WILL BE PAINFUL!! THEY WON’T RECEIVE YOU KINDLY!!”

Remember the other thing I said, which was that our brain makes our predictions based on past experiences? What that means is that with every experience you have, in the back of your mind you are hard wiring beliefs about yourself.

So over the years I had developed some beliefs that people didn’t always want me to join conversations sometimes. Sometimes that’s true, sometimes that’s not. But having a belief that it’s true certainly doesn’t help you to be awesome in life. They can keep you small.

In those moments leading up to joining the conversation, where I was lost in my negative predicting mode, I felt small. I felt like I was in a shell.

And then I realized that the way I was feeling was all based on a prediction.

Smiling at realizing what my brain was doing, I stopped that prediction train dead in its tracks and started a new one. I started visualizing myself joining the conversation and having this group of girls absolutely love it. To clarify, this entire visualization process only took a couple seconds. It wasn’t like I sat down, closed my eyes, and started meditating. It was completely in the moment and on the go.

In an instant, I felt my energy change. I quickly then hopped into the conversation, and it was from a place of excitement! The conversation went great, and I was welcomed in. When you live from a place of positive energy and excitement, people generally want to be around you. Furthermore, when you’re coming in from a place of positive energy and self-confidence, it doesn’t matter what other people think about you anymore. You’re on your own level, and you get to control how you feel. You start caring less what other people think about you.

Yesterday’s positive experience is very different from other past experiences, where, feeling small in that negative prediction, I’ve decided to join a conversation anyways without realizing I was walking in predicting failure. Consequently, I would come in with low energy, and the subconscious prediction that those people didn’t want me there.

And remember what I said earlier? Those predictions we have typically manifest in reality. So most of those times I was pushing my fears and walking into a scary situation, but with a subconscious negative prediction of outcome, I would go on to create that outcome.

So the key is to start visualizing how you want things to go. And to do it frequently.

As Dr Joe Dispenza puts it in Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself  “if we focus on an intended future event and then plan how we will prepare or behave, there will be a moment when we are so clear and focused on that possible future that the thoughts we are thinking will begin to become the experience itself. Once the thought becomes the experience, its end product is an emotion. When we begin to experience the emotion of that event ahead of its possible occurrence, the body (as the unconscious mind) begins to respond as though the event is unfolding”.

In layman's terms, as you start to very clearly perceive an outcome you want to happen, your brain starts to experience the emotions associated with that desired outcome. Your energy starts moving towards making this outcome happen.

Your thoughts and beliefs, combined with your predictions, create your vibe. Be conscious about what you are thinking, and predict the outcomes you want to happen. Don’t focus on the things you don’t want to happen, because you will be subconsciously manifesting them.

Think wisely. You’re creating your future in every moment!