#19 - Comfortable with Discomfort

Feeling uncomfortable isn’t a bad feeling. But it is a common one.

When it comes up, it doesn’t feel good. So what do you do? You probably try to avoid it as best you can.

I’m currently at a hip hop concert for a work event. The warm up DJ is on, and I’m completely out of my element. New music, new crowd. I’m uncomfortable. I was avoiding it for awhile by eating food (dried mango while I was helping prepare the cocktails in the kitchen).

But I see that discomfort. I saw it earlier and decided to eat to find comfort on purpose. So the point isn’t that you or me should try to be perfect, it’s just that we should try to be aware and do our best.

I’m deciding to stop avoiding discomfort with food (although that dried mango was delicious) and just chill on the dance floor and feel out the vibes of the music, the crowd, and also myself.

We’re hardwired to want to avoid discomfort, and so most of the time we do. Whether it’s social media, alcohol, netflix, etc., we all have our discomfort vice (mine these days is eating).

Don’t always run away from your discomfort. Sometimes it’s good to just be present with it

Sometimes, if you just stay still in the midst of discomfort, the weight of that discomfort goes away.

That once scary situation doesn’t scare you anymore. It might even become fun for you!

Hope you have fun in your discomfort today!