#15 - Overcome Your Mind

Inside of you, there is a life that wants to be lived. It’s something you can’t control. You’re naturally drawn to things, and your body is constantly telling you what those things are.

But the mind, the all-powerful mind, stops you dead in your tracks from doing what excites you.

The mind, seeing the risks of the situation, tells you that it’s a bad idea. It tells you that you shouldn’t do it. That the risks are too big.

Over time, you start to build up mental patterns that lead your brain to override your gut. This seems to be the case all too often in society today. People are disconnected from their bodies. People are totally in their heads.

Although the mind is a great tool that you depend on, being in your head 24/7 is not a good thing. The mind works in the realm of reality. But the thing about the mind’s perception of reality is, it’s only made up of your experiences. Your mind tells you that you can’t do things, when in reality, it’s entirely possible. Because you haven’t done it yet, the mind tells you that you could never do it.

Over time, if you only pay attention to the mind, it starts to take a toll because you start to believe these thoughts. You start to live within the boundaries of what your mind thinks is possible.

This is an entirely different realm from what is truly possible.

Don’t let your mind control the person you become. Master your mind. Once you do, you’ll open yourself up to unlocking unlimited potential.