#41 - The World Needs Your Gift

There’s one thing I know for certain:

You have gifts!

You’re God-given talents, combined with what you’ve learned from your experiences, make you the unique person that you are.

These are also why you have a UNIQUE ability to contribute to make the world a better place.

No one has the same gifts as you. It’s your job to figure them out and find a way to apply them.

By doing this, you can create for yourself the life you dream about. One where you live each day with a sense of passion and purpose.

You may be thinking: sounds like hard work to discover your gifts AND learn how to apply them. How do I do that?

First, you are correct. It is going to be hard work. But it’s FUN hard work.

The first step is for you to BELIEVE that all of this is possible. If you don’t truly believe it, you’ll block yourself. So first, going through visualizations of where you want to end up is critical.

This is a key step in my coaching process.

The second step is to mentally sign yourself up to do the work. You can’t half-ass it. You have to WANT to discover your gifts and you have to WANT to do the work to find the perfect way for you to apply them.

Once you’ve committed to this idea, you move to step three: the self discovery process. This is where you learn about yourself, your brain, and your experiences so as to understand what makes you you. This self awareness will give you unique abilities to succeed, and I’ve got a secret for you: it never stops. There’s always more to learn about yourself.

Step four comes once you’ve discovered your gifts. In this step, you test out different ways to apply your gifts to the world. You study the industry of choosing. You build relationships with people who have already laid the track to success. You try things and you fail a lot on the path to success.

Ultimately, you start to figure out your path. Think about it like building a highway from scratch. At first it’s going to feel like stumbling through a wild jungle, then over time you start to build a path through the woods, then you keep expanding the path, then one day you build a road, and then one day you Start to build the highway. 

That is what the path is like for discovering and building your vision of success. You start with a jungle, and through lots of hard work you end up with a highway.


The world is calling and it’s waiting for you to start making your dreams a reality.

Will you answer the call?