#39 - How to Have the Best Day Ever

I recently discovered the secret to having the best day ever. It’s something no one ever told me.

The secret is that having the best day ever comes down to having the best thoughts ever.

I’ve read that humans average 60,000 thoughts a day.

If you want to have the best day, you need to make as many of those 60,000 thoughts the best they could possibly be.

Most people are unaware of the thoughts that are running through their mind.

For example, they could be taking their lunch break, the perfect opportunity to create best day quality thoughts, but instead they’re focused on negative things like how there’s no way they can get all the work done.

The crazy thing is, whatever you think about, your brain goes into operation mode to make that happen.

This is also known as the Law of Attraction.

So if you want to have the best day ever, it’s pretty simple.

Think about having the best day ever for an entire day.

Tell yourself “this is the best day ever”. Be grateful for the small things. Think about the awesomeness of your situation, even if it’s hard to find.

Most importantly, don’t let yourself focus on negative things.

As an example, I’m in Hawaii with my family right now. My dad, mom and I were planning out the next few days of activities, and it started getting stressful. Planning can become stressful very easily.

As this stress was building, at one point I realized I wasn’t enjoying the present moment experience at all. I was focused on the stress, and how much I hate planning.

Once I noticed it, I could redirect my thinking. I looked at my dad and, without saying anything, just thought “you’re literally the coolest dude ever”.

I looked outside and thought “this day is the best day ever. I’m so grateful for this moment and all these colors outside. This is gonna be the best day ever”.

Pretty quickly, everything changed. In a matter of seconds I went from being unhappy to feeling great.

The ability to catch negative mind states in their tracks and shift your mind state, quickly and frequently, to a more positive place is the key to having the best day ever.

With enough practice at doing this process, you’ll start having best day ever quality days a lot more frequently.

Here’s to today - the best day ever!

With love,