#38 - Solve People’s Unmet Needs

In the entrepreneurial world, life often feels like one giant competition.

You see other people coming up with ideas, businesses, or experiencing success, and you get jealous.
When this happens, you are living in a fear based mentality. You’re operating from a point of view of limited supply of bounty.
The truth is that there’s plenty of “bounty” to go around for everyone. The funnier truth is that the “bounty” (I.e. money), as enticing as it is to chase, isn’t even the thing that’s going to make us maximally fulfilled.
What will really bring fulfillment is contributing to the happiness of someone else. And in the world of entrepreneurship, this means successfully helping someone with an unmet need.
Don’t only focus on the ways to make yourself prosperous. Think about how you can achieve both your prosperity and the prosperity of someone else at the same time.
Think about the ways you can do this in the context of making the world a better place.
The world is waiting for you to give your unique gifts in a way that meets the needs of others.
So, what unmet needs would you love to deliver? Who exactly are the people that need this?
Answer these two questions, and you’ve got yourself a business foundation.
With Love,