#37 - The Secret to Getting What You Want

For most of my life I believed that it was difficult to get what you want.I set goals, and typically achieved them, but the process was often painful.
And that was all because of my state of mind.
It turns out I was missing the secret that would enable me to achieve my goals with more ease, less effort, and more quickly.
That secret is the law of attraction, and it just might be the thing you need to understand in order to achieve whatever you want.
Whether you’re seeking love, wealth, business success, WHATEVER, this law will help you get there.
The law of attraction works like this: whatever you think about, you create in your life.
If you think about falling in love constantly, you’ll fall in love.
If you think about building wealth constantly, you’ll build wealth.
Conversely, if you are lost in thoughts about not falling in love, even if they’re unconscious, you’re not going to fall in love.
If you want to make huge wealth, but you constantly think about how hard it is or how impossible it feels, you’re not going to become wealthy.
A simple mind state shift is the difference between you having everything you want and you not having all of that.
This sounds great and all, but I’m doubly full about this. Why should I believe you and how do I use the law of attraction?
I appreciate your skepticism, and please don’t just take it from me. Many of the worlds most successful people live by this principle and you can quickly discover this with a little research.
As for how to do it, I’ll give you a quick run through but if you really want to understand this law I suggest picking up two books to read: The Secret by Ronda Byrne and Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza. These books will explain to you how it works.
If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, which I recommend, below are the steps you can take. Try it out for a day..a week...and see how it goes.
1. Define what exactly you want. Get CRYSTAL CLEAR about it. Write down the date..the amount...the qualities of the person..whatever it is you want.
2. Once you have written down or visualized a clear image of what you want, think about it CONSTANTLY. Think about how it will feel to achieve that goal. If you can channel the FEELINGS you are desiring to feel in the future, and feel them in the present, you trick your body and mind into thinking you’ve already achieved it. From there, you start to live in a state where your desires outcome naturally creates itself. You define it, visualize it and think about it often, then it will happen on its own.
3. Use self awareness to monitor your thoughts so you don’t subconsciously create mixed intentions. If you don’t monitor your thoughts, your brain will be wandering on its own and because you create whatever you think about, you’ll be subconsciously moving in directions you don’t want to be moving in (I.e you want to be wealthy but don’t notice your thoughts that are worries of losing wealth).
Use this law to get whatever you want. Have fun creating!