#35 - How to Find Buried Treasure

Throughout life, we all go looking for the treasure (treasure in this case is enjoyable feelings and experiences)

We actually search for treasure every day.  Every day you wake up, you’re moving towards something.

What treasure are you looking for today?

Is it love, joy, excitement, cheer, a big party?

Whatever treasure you’re seeking, I invite you to consider if there could be some buried right below you.

I’m currently in Hawaii with my family, and for starters I’m feeling beyond blessed for this opportunity.

As I was walking around the island today with my sisters, in search of something fun, I noticed I started to move into a state of future-focused anticipation.

Despite being in the most beautiful place in the world, this feeling the need “to do” was slowly draining me. I started feeling uncomfortable, and wasn’t enjoying the present moment.

Then, as we accidentally stumbled upon a beach, we collectively decided to stop doing and just rest.

We laid there, doing absolutely nothing for 5 minutes, and it was there that the treasure was uncovered.

Sometimes, the treasure will show up for us when we simply slow down for a little bit.

I invite you, when you feel overwhelmed, to pause and see if slowing down helps you find a more enjoyable state.

Mele Kalikimaka,