#32 - How to Unblock Yourself

We all have things that block us from accessing our deepest energy source.

They’re memories, thoughts, emotions that are memorized in our bodies and trapped inside.

It’s like when you have a hose, and somewhere along the way, the hose gets bent.

When there’s a bend (block), water (energy) can’t flow. This happens to all of us.

When you have a lot of blocks, you can’t even tell because it’s become the norm for you.

I have been working through blocks this entire year. I am still working through them and I’m sure there are other blocks I haven’t even identified yet.

Regrets about a past relationship, limiting beliefs about my capabilities, pessimistic outlooks on my worthiness as a human, sadness about not receiving love from someone I care deeply about (this block I recognized recently).

If you want to access your deepest source of energy, and tap into an energetic state you might not even be able to conceptualize yet, you need to work through the blocks in your life.

While meditation can help with some blocks, some blocks you may need professional help on. Some of my biggest breakthroughs have come from the work I did with my spiritual guide (in preparation for my vision quest) and my therapist.

If you can accept that you have blocks, you’re already making huge progress.

If you can identify a block you have, you’re even further on the way.

What habitual negative thoughts arise for you? These can be good clues to start your investigation.

This work isn’t always pretty. I would compare it to cleaning your mouth if you had decided to stop brushing your teeth for a year.

The first parts about the cleaning would be uncomfortable. But that clean smile waiting for you on the other side is far better than letting those cavities become even worse.

Don’t shy away from the work. Open up to the work, even if it’s just dipping your toes in.

Doing the work on yourself is the best investment you can make because it will allow you to unlock more happiness and create more desirable outcomes in your future.

Love the work!