#30 - State of Being is Everything

No matter what you want in life, one thing will get you there.

Your state of being.

Your state of being is the way you are carrying yourself at any given moment. It is a combination of the thoughts in your head and the feelings in your body.

And you have MASSIVE potential to influence it.

How do I influence my state of being?

You change your thoughts (mind) or change your energetic state (body).

Changing your thoughts can be as simple as you realizing your thinking angry thoughts, and shifting to gratitude.

Changing your body can be as simple as adjusting your posture to take on a more alert posture.

These things are important, because your state of being leads to the outcomes you create.

You’re ability to get the job done, whether that job is meeting someone new, giving a presentation, solving a problem, parenting, listening..Whatever the job is, your state is everything.

Your state drives your behavior. Think about it. Imagine you’re about to give a presentation and your state of being is one of fear. How different would that be from presenting in a state of joy?

Night and day. And so it goes with everything you do in life. The states you are in on a day to day basis are determining who you become and what you achieve.

Your state right now, tonight, tomorrow, the next day, and every day going forward will determine your future.

Prioritize your state it is possible for you to cultivate peak states completely on your own! If you learn how to do this, you unlock the power to create whatever outcomes you want in life.

What state are you in right now? Come up with a word for it.

What state do you want to move towards right now, and what action can you take to help facilitate that?

Do that and you’ll be one step closer to the dream reality you desire.