# 11 - Moving Gracefully at Light Speed

Meditation and presence is not just about sitting still and doing nothing.

It’s also about moving fast and doing a lot.

Allow me to explain.

Over the last 2 days, I threw the annual 2 day end of year meeting for my 45 person team at Red Bull.

It was a huge production. Months of planning went into it. Some of the required actions were hotel contracts, venue contracts, AV setups, sound checks, managing large scale food and beverage orders, planning nightlife, building presentations, presenting to 45 people, being a host, staying out late and getting up early.

To sum it up, these llast two days were a grind.

They were also REALLY fun, because despite all the hard work and fire drills, I was able to stay present and in a state of joy. I was able to keep the bigger picture in mind.

And because my team at Red Bull is an awesome group of beautiful, smart, fun individuals.

So how do you turn a stressful situation into a joyful one?

For one, I don’t think you always can. Sometimes the stress of the situation is too great to find joy.

But sometimes, when stress levels are only medium, you can optimize an experience.

In the context of this meeting, the reason why I was able to experience joy and stress is because I DECIDED that the most important thing wasn’t the stress of the situation. It was the opportunity for joy and service.

I tell this story to show a personal example of why the art of being present is one of the most useful skills for performing at your highest level.

Years ago, the stress of this meeting would have crushed me. It was two days of pure adrenaline, little sleep, and constant interaction with people (which used to be difficult for me in my younger introvert  years).

Through years of practice in meditation and emotional intelligence, the ability to stay present in challenging situations becomes second nature. It starts to become easier and easier to stay present in challenging situations.

I say this with the asterisk that I’m 7 years into this journey and I’ve only explored the tip of the ice berg. With that said, the amount of change I have seen is beyond my wildest dreams of years ago.

I used to have terrible social anxiety and felt dependent on alcohol to go out to a party and have fun. Now I can go out to bars without drinking and have a fantastic time.

It’s a really liberating feeling to know I got myself to this point. Socializing in big groups gave me extreme anxiety for the first 22ish Years of my life.

And now I genuinely love it.

When you invest in mastering your mind, the work truly pays off.

Meditate. Read. Consult a coach.

Just do something. Take some action, however small.

Don’t settle for the status quo of your current situation.

Invest. Invest. Invest. I can’t say it enough.

You can learn how to manage your stress and emotions on your own to thrive in the way you desire.

So whatcha waiting for?