#166 - 3 Steps to Confidence

For me, confidence wasn’t a quality I was born with. 

For a long time I struggled with confidence, but over the years I’ve learned how to grow into my own confidence. 

Here are 3 steps that help me to build confidence: 

1) Visualize one of your most badass moments. I do this every day!

2) Visualize your future badass self. How does that person walk, talk, and feel? Visualize it as closely as possible. 

3) Start doing s*** that scares you every day. The quickest way to build confidence is to make the stuff that scares you not so scary! Try to do one thing that scares you everyday. 

Hope this helps and thanks for reading! 



#165 - Get Lost in the Process

As an entrepreneur, sometimes it feels impossible to know how to spend your time.

This time-dillemma can also present itself in jobs where you have autonomy.

Or for people who in general are trying to prioritize their lives more effectively.

This is something I struggle with on a daily basis.

Deciding where and how to spend my energies.

Oftentimes, I set an arbitrary target, and then chug towards it without thinking twice.

As I do this, I become attached to the outcomes.

All of a sudden, I’ve created this sense of pressure in my life to get something done.

That pressure manifests as stress in the body. For me, my eye brows clench, my chest tightens, and my focus narrows.

While this is helpful for getting stuff done, it’s not necessarily helpful for enjoying life.

I think the key is to let go of the attachments to getting things done.

The trick is to be more present with what it is that we’re doing.

So often, for me at least, life can become what feels like a set of chores.

As I write this, I have a slight frown and sadness, because I’m feeling like I’m still in that chore mode.

What would it take for us to feel free?

How can you feel free while you go about your work today?

Wouldn’t that be nice?

I think it’s possible, and today I’m going to try and cultivate that sense of freedom.

I’m going to let go of the attachment to the outcomes, and focus on getting lost in the process.

As long as your strategy is good as far as the things you’re spending your time on, I have a hunch it will all work out just fine.

Thanks for reading,


#164 - We want feelings, not things

Feelings are the currency of human existence.

We don’t want things in life, we want the feelings that they bring us. 

We don’t literally want a stack of dollar bills. 

We want the feelings of security, and the feelings of the experiences money can bring. 

Thus, the human superpower is the ability to create the feelings you want. 

What feelings do you want to experience today? See if you can cultivate them right now. 

Thanks for reading, 


#163 - Ground Yourself Right Now

Oftentimes the thing we need most is a second to reconnect with ourselves.

Reconnecting with yourself helps you to calm down our nervous system, and paves the opportunity for you to experience more joy.
When you’re on the go, it can be tough, but the research shows that a few deep breaths can help calm you down.
I invite you to use your breath right now to center yourself. Take 3 breaths, as deep as you can, and exhale all the air fully.
Thanks for reading,

#162 - Tidy Room, Tidy Life

Am I the only one who is way too busy? 

Too busy to do the simple things, like keep a tidy room.  

When life moves fast, it’s easy to let things like a clean room fall by the wayside. 

Just like it’s easy to let a meditation habit fall by the wayside. 

The thing is, though, as you do one thing, you do all. 

If you keep your room tidy, maybe the other aspects of your life will follow. 

Thanks for reading, 


#161 - Become A Better Listener

Listening is SUCH a critical skill these days. 

More than ever, there is a need for people who can really listen.

Because most people can’t listen very well.

Our gadgets and devices are making us less present and more distracted, and the quality of conversation is one of the biggest impacts.

It’s legitimately hard to be a good listener, and I am by no means perfect. Particularly when I’m overly caffeinated like this morning at @bluebottlecoffee

Recognizing the difficulties I was having with listening today, I did some research this afternoon. 

Here are a few tips I picked up on listening from the @edmylett podcast that you might find useful: 

1) Wait to talk until the other person is completely finished.

2) Repeat back what you hear, in your own words, to make sure you’re understanding the other person correctly.

3) Listen a level deeper than analyzing words. Pay attention to the emotions - what is this person feeling as they speak? 

4)Do you ever notice yourself waiting for the other person to finish speaking so you can say what you want to say? When you catch yourself doing this, mentally hi-5 yourself for catching that pattern, and hold off. 

5)Listen more than you speak - we have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason!  

Which tip would you like to focus on applying for the next 24 hours, #1,2,3,4 or 5? Let me know in the comments below! 


#160 - Keep Taking Action

When you’re struggling to find the way forward, there’s one solution that works every time: Action.

Massive Action is the cure all. When in doubt, act it out. 

Act. Learn. Shift strategy if necessary. Then, act again. 

Be Bold. Be Brave. Take a step in the right direction today! 

Thanks for reading, 


#159 - Joy Follows Courage

Being courageous is a hard thing to do.

It’s hard, but when we’re able to be courageous, it’s often followed by joy. 

Joy is what’s often waiting for us on the other side of fear.

The fear makes it feel far away, but in reality it’s often much closer than we realize.

Today I invite you to be courageous. 

To do the things that scare you. 

You may just find joy on the other side. 

Thanks for reading, 


#158 - Exercise Optimism

Optimism is one of the 8 core emotional intelligence competencies, and it’s a critical component to living a happy life. 

Our brains are hard wired with a bias to focus on the negative aspects of our lives.  

These negative aspects don’t do us any good most of the time, so it’s critical to become aware of them and not let them snowball.

Keep your mind focused on the present, and watch these thoughts as they arise. Let them pass, and think about the good things in your life.  

Today is a precious day. I hope you take advantage and get the most out of it! 

Thanks for reading, 


#157 - Keep Faith in Your Path

Life will throw things at you that make you question your path.

Regardless of whether or not you choose to question your path, ruminating over your choices won’t do you any good.

Focus on the present and the future instead. 

Keep your mind set on the ultimate destination. 

All the while, stay present. The present is all we ever have. 

Thanks for reading, 


#156 - Victory is a Daily Commitment

Absolute victory is most often not achieved in one fell swoop.

It’s like the old saying, you may have lost the battle but you can still win the war.

Victory doesn’t come to the faint of heart.

Your heart must be strong, and deeply committed, in order to create the fuel necessary to move passionately towards a vision day after day.

This day to day grind is where the magic happens. The magic happens in the little actions that sometimes might feel inconsequential.

Most people take action and then quit when they don’t see results right away.

Oftentimes, people quit because their goal feels out of reach.

Despite feeling out of reach though, sometimes people quit when their goal is only 1 millimeter further away.

The key distinction to make is that victory will come to those who aren’t overly focused on the feedback the world is giving them.

Victory will come to the people who are focused on their vision and committed to doing whatever it takes to realize that dream.

Stay committed to your vision.

It’s not something you say one time and then it magically manifests.

You must re-commit every day.

How can you elevate your commitment to victory today?

Thanks for reading,


#155 - Be Unreasonably Grateful

Be unreasonably grateful today.

That means being more grateful than seems possibly logical.

Logic might tell you “it’s good to be grateful so I’m gonna think about a thing or 2 I’m grateful for”.

I’m gonna invite you to go well beyond that.

Right now, think about 15 things you’re grateful for.

And don’t just think about it.

Feel about it.

How can you make that gratitude become excitement in your body?

Then take it a step further by doing this at least 3 times today.

It’ll make you a happier person who is less of a jerk to yourself and others.

Thanks for reading,


#154 - Share Your Story

There is something scary about sharing your personal story.

Our story is tied to who we believe we are, and most of the time we’re trying desperately to protect those beliefs.

The truth is, it scares me to tell my story in a big way.

I worry that other people will judge me. I also worry that it will make other people feel small.

I’ve recently realized that our story is something worth sharing.

Each of us has a story, and we can use our stories to help other people.

My story is one of transformation.

I was a kid who was literally being medicated for anxiety and depression at the age of 18.

I was a young man who spent the years 18-25 working on that and getting to a place where I feel extremely confident about my approach to creating a successful and fulfilling life.

I was at one point a 22 year old working in a corporate job with absolutely zero belief I could one day be an entrepreneur.

And now I’m a 26 year old entrepreneur doing my thing, figuring out my path with excessive amounts of courage and optimism.

I have plenty of days where I feel overwhelmed and I’m fear. I experience burnout about once a week at this rate. I have workaholic tendencies. I’m working on my wellbeing. I’m working on improving my social relationships.

The point is that you can transform your life. The key is to get started. There are many different areas to work on (social, spiritual, mental/emotional, physical, etc).

You don’t ever finish. And it never gets easy. But committing to growth is absolutely the most rewarding path.

Write your story and share it.

Thanks for reading,


#153 - Listen to your Body

The body is an intelligent machine.

This machine knows what it wants in order to thrive.

In order to achieve your dreams without sacrificing your health, you must become an expert at listening to the needs of the body.

Then needs of the body, if ignored over time, lead to health problems.

Health problems get in the way of your dreams and if you enjoying life.

Today, I woke up at 4am and got going like normal.

But when I looked in the mirror, I saw bags under my eyes.

I knew I should sleep more, despite wanting to get my routine going.

So I did. I slept for 45 minutes longer.

It’s these micro adjustments that can help us stay in great health while we pursue our goals.

Without health, we won’t get very far.

Thanks for reading,


#152 - Shape your Identity

Your identity is the key to your future.

Most people, though, aren’t consicously creating their identity .

Most people let the world tell them what their identity is.

If you want to achieve great things, you have to create for yourself the identity of someone who does great things.

Building our identities is a process that never stops, and we are either building identities that empower us or that hold us back.

For example, take a girl who is out on a date with a guy she believes is more attractive than what she deserves.

Her sense about what she deserves is her identity, and when she feels below this person, she’s going to do whatever is necessary to live out her identity.

She will find ways to make it a bad date simply because she believes he’s out of her league.

Conversely, if she was someone who consciously created her identity as a badass who gets whatever guy she wants, she would have kept a swagger that allowed her to be confident.

It doesn’t matter if the world believes your identity. It matters if you do.

What identity do you want to create, and how can you build it up today?

Thanks for reading,


#151 - Sail with the Emotional Winds

The master sailor doesn’t resist the direction of the Wind.

The wind cannot be changed, and so instead the sailor uses the direction of the wind no matter which way it’s blowing.

Similarly, the master self-expert doesn’t resist the direction of her emotions.

Her emotions are happening, and she allows them to guide her actions.

Her actions dictate how the emotions will progress forward, but they do not aim to stop a current emotion dead in its tracks.

Take sadness for example.

The master self-expert doesn’t simply suppress sadness when it’s coming up (unless that’s necessary for the present situation).

The master self expert acknowledges sadness is happening and allows that knowledge to shape her actions.

She acknowledges the sadness and chooses to watch a funny movie to distract herself.

The key here is that she is not resisting the emotion.

In this, the emotion doesn’t have power over her.

Today, I invite you to do your best to sail with the direction of your emotions.

Don’t resist. Acknowledge and take conscious action to change the future.

Thanks for reading,


#150 - Hustle Every Day

You can’t control the weather, but you can control your hustle. 

Hustle is te constant ingredient that all outrageously successful people possess. 

IQ tends to get a lot of focus, but there are an enormous number of people who create massive success and have a low IQ. 

Hustle wins out because hustlers make progress every day. 

Wheres your hustle level today? 

Can you elevate it 1%? 

Thanks for reading, 


#149 - Imperfect > Perfect

We have a perfection problem in today’s world.

The world sometimes rewards the striving to be perfect.

The perfect picture on Instagram, for example, gets more likes.

More likes makes our brains happy, so our brains learn that perfect is good.

Perfection, unfortunately, is the enemy of progress.

Progress comes from taking steady, consistent action towards your goals.

Big goals typically require mistakes to be achieved, so you need to be okay with that going in.

I used to be a perfectionist, and have perfectionist tendencies still in me.

Like all people, I still try to make my Instagram look good and all that.

I used to only post something when it was perfect, though.

And boy is that a tough way to live!

Eventually, I had to just stop giving a s*** what other people think as much.

Nowadays, I post without having something be perfect all the time. I make typos in my blogs. I don’t mind because I know I’m making progress.

If you’re like me, and you spend way to much time making things perfect, the solution to the perfection syndrome can be deadlines.

For example, I leave no more than 20 minutes every morning to write a blog post.

Some days the posts aren’t that great. But every now and then I’ll post a gold nugget.

Gold nuggets in my experience don’t come from obsessing over one thing forever.

It comes from trying lots of different things and being consistent.

Be consistent. Be imperfect. Celebrate the imperfection and keep taking action.

You got this!
Thanks for reading,


#148 - Good Mistakes = Progress

In life, there are good mistakes and bad mistakes.

Bad mistakes are mistakes you repeat due to not learning the last time.

Bad mistakes are also mistakes you could have avoided by learning from the mistakes of others, like texting while driving.

Good mistakes are mistakes you are making for the first time. In this, they are wonderful learning opportunities.

Good mistakes often sting the worst, because they’re fresh. An example of this is trying out a new way to start a conversation that goes over poorly.

You botched it, but you learned something. There’s no failure in that.

Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before perfecting the incandescent light bulb, and he didn’t view any of those failures as a bad thing.

He viewed them as progress.

Your good mistakes are progress, and you need to be making them if you want to grow.

I want to encourage you to put yourself out there more and make more good mistakes.

I hope you succeed. If you never fail though, you’re not pushing yourself enough.

What ways can you push yourself today to learn something new?

Thanks for reading,


#147 - Consistent Imperfect Action

I learned a fabulous technique the other day from Mastin Kipp.

The concept is CIA - Constant Imperfect Action.

CIA is the key to success.

If you consistently take imperfect action, you will become successful and you will grow.

This is the opposite of waiting to do things until the moment is perfect.

How do you know when is the right time to take imperfect action?

Use your fear as an indicator.

Most of the time, our fears are trying to protect our ego.

When we feel fear, most of the time that’s a good sign of a growth opportunity (unless it’s real danger like being on a cliffs edge).

The other day I walked into a coffee shop and took a seat next to a cute girl. I noticed by fear of talking to her, and knew that’s what I needed to do.

I struck up a conversation, chatted for a few minutes, and that was it. She left and seemed uninterested. I wasn’t discouraged, because I had done the hard thing of pushing my comfort zone with imperfect action.

Shortly thereafter, I saw another cute girl outside the coffee shop with a bunch of friends.

I wanted to meet her, but fear starting talking.

“Don’t go talk to her. She’s with her friends and doesn’t want to be bothered. And is she even that pretty?”

Thoughts like that dominated my mind, and I didn’t end up taking action. I didn’t do CIA. And I missed an opportunity to, at the very least, expand my comfort zone.

CIA isn’t perfect, and sometimes fear wins the battle.

And that’s why it’s a battle. Every day you have to fight your fears in order to grow.

Don’t be discouraged when you don’t achieve victory (like me in this case). Stay optimistic, and be on alert for the next opportunity.

Think about why you want to chase that opportunity, even when it scares you.

For example, rather than thinking about if she would reject me, I could have framed it as an opportunity to expand my comfort zone so that one day in the future I’d be more comfortable to talk to people in a way that would help me spread world peace.

This post feels all over the place, but guess what? I’m gonna post as is.

That’s imperfect action.

Be consistent in your imperfect action.

Thanks for reading,