My Story


Once upon a time…

I was an 18 year old kid who was feeling overwhelmed by stress. I was in and out of depression. Most days were a struggle to get through, and life often felt hopeless.

This cycle had been the story of my life. I perceived happiness as a future goal, something that would come through achievement and possessions.

Then one day in November 2011, facing the unexpected death of one of my college lacrosse teammates, I stopped to to take a look at myself in the mirror. I recognized my own unhappiness and came to the painful realization I wasn’t enjoying my one precious life.

Inspired by the life of my teammate Derrik, I began a journey to understand my pains. Because of this I started to explore my internal states and because of that I realized my mind was creating my problems. As a result, I became obsessed with learning everything I could to master my mind and find inner peace.

In doing so I moved beyond the limitations of my mind that kept me feeling small and unhappy for so many years. Since then, I’ve embarked on a mission to help other people in the world find their own way to inner peace.

Hey there, I’m Chip and I’m stoked you’ve found yourself here on my website. I see this as a community space where we can learn and grow together.

Welcome my friend, to the Academy of Inner Peace.

You have the power to CHANGE!

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