Hey there!

I’m Chip. A coach, entrepreneur and world peace advocate dedicated to helping you become the person you want to be.


A born and raised Virginia boy with a passion for listening to and helping others, I’m the proud owner of the Grossman Growth Academy: A content and coaching platform dedicated to helping individuals across the world to grow, fulfill their dreams and achieve greater inner peace.

A question I often get is how did I achieve these things for myself?

I’ll be the first to say that it hasn’t all been daisies and roses up to this point. I’ve been through my fair share of hardships, and those hardships that have led me down this path dedicated to serving others.

Throughout my childhood, I really struggled with confidence. Despite outward success in many categories, I never fully believed in myself. I also experienced a huge amount of emotion, but had no idea that was the case nor did I have a toolkit for managing it.

By the time I turned 18 years old, life had become challenging to the point where I became overwhelmed by stress as well as depression. Many days were a struggle to get through, and life often felt hopeless.

Then one day in November 2011, facing the unexpected death of one of my college lacrosse teammates, I stopped to to take a look at myself in the mirror. I recognized my own unhappiness and came to the painful realization I wasn’t happy with my life or the direction my life was heading in.

This was the beginning of my journey to understand my pains. I started to explore my internal states and I realized my mind was creating my problems. As a result, I became obsessed with learning everything I could to master the mind and find inner peace.

This journey revealed powerful insights, the most important of which is that each of us has the power to move beyond the limitations of our mind that keep us feeling small and unfulfilled.

In my work, I seek to serve the world by connecting with people in a way that helps them move beyond their limitations of their mind to unlock greater levels of both inner peace and outward success.



I’m here to serve by living out my passion to help you unlock your own greatness.

Through my blog, my coaching, and all the free content I offer, I aim to help you build a life that you truly love.

Whether you’re trying to make a big change in your life or simply trying to take your game to the next level, I’m here to help you tap into your highest level of potential and the endless fountain of wisdom that lies within you.


Yes, this is a business. Yes, I get paid to coach people. Yes, I’m proud and deeply grateful to earn a living doing so. But you should know that the vast majority of my work is offered 100% free of charge.

I’m not a guru and I don’t believe I have all the answers. I make mistakes and I battle every day to overcome my fears just like every other human on this planet.

But my commitment to you is to be as real as I can, to share what I do know, and to connect as deeply and authentically with you as is humanly possible for me to do.

I’m here for you - to connect, support and help your grow - That is my greatest joy. That is my purpose.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site and read up to this point. I couldn’t be happier that you’re here, and I’m excited for the journey ahead.




“Through working with Chip I learned to observe my inner wisdom”

Michelle Blanco, CEO BreaBox